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Soul Liberation
Experiences with Other Dimensions
Volume 1

Did you ever ask yourself, why you fell totally exhausted and drained of your energies after having visited an event or simply a shopping tour in the city?
Do you blame the lack of energy to the form of the day, general stress or unease, on not having had enough sleep or similar causes?

Do you have sometimes the feeling, you can see, feel or hear things, which others cannot perceive?
In this book you will learn how heavily loaded or occupied people are exempt from such energy robbers. Bound souls, astral beings or demonic energies exist, even if the affected people did not know or believe that there is such a thing.

The belief in reincarnation and energy responsibility are key components of the conception of life of the author. Thereby is the access to the belief in the existence of a spiritual world facilitated. Based on his many experiences you can see how versatile and also great the spiritual world is and also acts.
Many of the instructions which had been proved in practice, such as liberation and protection prayers can help you to enjoy the lightness of being light-hearted in everyday life.

ISBN 978-1-326-52919-2

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